Sunday, April 11, 2010

12% off to-go orders at Amanda's Berkeley

Monday's the last day to get 12% off all phone orders at Amanda's in downtown Berkeley. In celebration of the two 12-minute metered parking spots in front, the all-natural burger joint is offering the 12% discount.

While some people complain of the portion sizes, Amamda's is one of my go-to spots downtown for inexpensive, quick meals. Whenever I have a show at the Berkeley Rep, I stop by Amanda's for a quick bite and am out the door in 20 minutes or less. The naturally raised beef burgers ($3.75) are comparable to In-N-Out more than McDonald's, and the baked fries ($1.50) are deliciously crispy. For a healthier option, try the sweet potato ($1.75) or raw apple fries ($1.50).

In line with a restaurant that serves sustainable, organic food in biodegradable packing, Amanda's makes its own sodas ($1.75), from cola to ginger ale and raspberry. If all the above sounds good, grab a combo ($6.75) that includes a burger, regular fries and a soda.

2122 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley

Photo: Wilhelm Y.

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