Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Eats

Halloween isn't just about candy. A few local eateries are offering special Halloween promotions Sunday, Oct. 31.

Chiptole Mexican Grill
2311 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley
1050 Gilman Ave., Berkeley
Dress up as a processed food after 6 p.m. Sunday and get a burrito, bowl, salad or order of tacos for $2. Proceeds will benefit Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, a nonprofit campaign to educate people about the importance of eating unprocessed food.

Gourmet Ghetto Ghoulish GastronomiqueShattuck Avenue and Cedar Street
Now until Nov. 2
Gourmet Ghetto restaurants will create a special spooky menu where you may find deviled chicken, one-eyed monster pizza, creepy crepes and ghoul’s eye soup.

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