Monday, March 22, 2010

Fan Appreciation Week at Beta Lounge, Berkeley

Beta Lounge is one of the few places downtown for people looking for something more sophisticated than beer and fried food. Located on the bottom level of a mixed-use apartment building near the UC campus, Beta Lounge is celebrating a year in business with Fan Appreciation week starting today.

Simply show them proof that you are a fan on Facebook or twitter (this is where your smartphone becomes handy), and you will get happy hour prices on drinks all night. That means $3 beers (draft and bottle) and $5 glasses of wine and Nigori cosmos. They also have $5 cocktails all night Mondays, and $20 bottles of wine all night Wednesdays.

Beta is a low-key place with a chill ambience. Dimly lit with stained windows and gray walls, Beta can almost double as a club, which may be why there's live music on Fridays and the weekends. Since it is near campus, groups of students are a common sight, but it doesn't reach obnoxiously drunk levels like it can at bars. The bartenders are friendly, chatting you up on slow nights, and cocktails good with a heavy Asian influence, like lychee and Soju.

Beta Lounge
2129 Durant Ave., Berkeley

Photo: J.A.B.

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