Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Late Night Happy Hour at Marzano on College

In case you feel like a late-night snack, head to Marzano on College (not to be confused with the one on Park near the lake) in Oakland's Rockridge district.

Select pizzas from the regular menu are $10, $4 cheaper than the normal price. Select cocktails are $6 and beer and wine $5, A few appetizers and salads are $6. The best part is that you don't have to order from the bar only and can sit in the restaurant to enjoy table service.

All pizzas are Neapolitan style with cracker-thin crusts. I like my pizzas hefty, which these aren't since a person could easily eat a whole one and still be hungry. It is happy hour, however, so the intent is to snack while drinking. The pizzas are light on the sauce, so if you're a fan of tomato sauce, you'll also be disappointed.

Very few late night, mid-scale happy hours exist in Berkeley or Oakland, so I'm glad to see Marzano stay open. The intimate, chic, dimly lit atmosphere give the place an upscale, lounge feeling perfect for enjoying a happy hour without the college crowd.

Marzano on College
5356 College Ave., Oakland

Photo: David D

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