Monday, April 26, 2010

Chop Bar in Oakland

I have been a fan of Chop Bar since it debuted at the Eat Right Festival last year at Jack London Square with roasted pig flatbread. This past Sunday, Chop Bar held another pig roast in its own digs and it was just as good as expected. The event included $3 beer specials and $10 plates of roasted pig, salads and roasted vegetables. Chop Bar is one of the few places that feels like a home, and the food reflects that. The space is spacious and on hot days they open the warehouse door making it a perfect spot to enjoy some drinks.

Aside from occasional Sunday specials, Chop Bar serves breakfast and lunch daily and dinner Tuesday through Sunday. The menu is mainly American with a few Asian and Italian influences. Lunch consists mostly of sandwiches, of which I recommend the classic Reuben. Grilled perfectly for a nice crunch, the Reuben is heavy, oily and all that is good.

Happy hour also runs Tuesday through Friday, 4:30 to 6 p.m. and is said to include free snacks.

Service is excellent, as the staff really just want you to have a good time. Chop Bar is so great that it makes me want to live in one of the nearby condos/apartments so I can visit every day.

Chop Bar
247 Fourth St., Oakland


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